Are You a Low Information Voter?

Are you a low-information voter? Who is a low-information voter? Why would you want to be one and if you were would you know?

We are bombarded with information from social media, internet news sources, television and radio and print. By our family and friends. And more often than not it is family and friends who accuse us of the low-information conundrum.

If you read and listen and care, you are not low-information. Be you Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Green or whatever party, if you give a damn about the world around you, if you take action, you are not low-information.

Look at what we found on the internet: “Low information voters, also known as LIVs or misinformation voters, are people who may vote, but who are generally poorly informed about politics.”

LIVs. Is there an antidote for that?

Do LIVs usurp the democratic process by casting a vote because they can?

Quite honestly we have heard the term used more often by non-Democrats. Why.

In North Carolina, as you are well aware, we have a Republican controlled government. Did we awake one cold miserable day and say “OMG. We have a Republican controlled state government”? No. The Old North State has had other miserable days. But the shock to our system is acute.

But is this actually a chronic condition? People are people, be they blogger or Governor. The only way to be a low-information voter is to be a no voter. Take the time to understand the issues. Research candidates. Vote. And vote for the people you believe will help you to understand the information. Vote for the people who respect you for you. Vote for the people who treat you, the voter, like people.

Some links to assist you:

NCGA – North Carolina General Assembly –

BallotPedia –,_2014

North Carolina Board of Elections –


(c) 2014 Jeff Egerton/Carolina Observer

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